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Services Offered


AC Cleaning

  • Clean AC coils to improve efficiency.
  • Replace the air filter for better air quality.
  • Check capacitor and replace if necessary or as desired by the customer.
  • Inspect compressor for optimal performance.
  • Examine ductwork; separate price for repairs, not included in cleaning fee

Water Heater Cleaning and Anode Rod Replacement

  • Introduce vinegar to the water heater to dissolve calcium deposits.
  • Replace the anode rod (if your model has one) to extend the heater’s lifespan.

Water System Cleaning

  • Thoroughly clean the entire water system using a diluted bleach to eliminate contaminants.

Slide-Out Maintenance

  • Apply dry lube to rubber seals for smoother operation.
  • Clean and maintain slide-out tracks to prevent jams and ensure functionality.

Full RV Sealing

  • Remove old caulking from the RV exterior.
  • Apply new caulking to ensure water-tightness and prevent leaks.

RV Repair

I’m a Certified RV Technician specializing in maintenance. I can diagnose and repair appliances; AC units, water heaters, furnaces, and fridges. If I can’t fix it, there’s no charge.